201 days.

200 days from tomorrow i turn 40.

how did that happen?

my thirties went by in a bit of a blur.

i started them unemployed and heartbroken. and i'm ending them self-employed and (unless something changes between now and september 21) comfortably single. in between i worked at seven different organizations (longest stint was 3 years ... shortest was 3 days) and had a few disastrous dates.

during my thirties, my parents transformed from vibrant senior citizens to old people. while they are both still living, i've all but lost my mom to dementia and my dad to the physical and emotional weight of old age.

and speaking of weight ... i gained it, lost it, gained it back, lost it again and gained more. i'm still learning to accept myself, and trying to be healthier as i realize that i am (*gasp*) middle-aged and not, in fact, immortal.

i discovered a love of travelling solo, photography and social media. and i managed to turn one of those loves into a thriving business.

i laughed a lot. i cried a lot. i made unfortunate hair choices. i bought a car. i walked across the brooklyn bridge. i stood on a glacier.

but enough of the eulogy for my fourth decade ... it's not dead yet! each passing birthday, i thought to myself, "i should do one of those 40 before 40 lists ... they're kind of cool." but, honestly, some years my goal was to just stay sane and not become some kind of pale imitation of miss havisham.

so, with 201 days left, i've decided to revive my blog from its sunny von bulow state and have some fun. i'm not setting specific goals for the next 6 months, 2 weeks and a day ... i just want to feel inspired to do new things, take more photos and write!

and away we go!