i honestly thought it was wednesday all day today ... so, the fact that it's tuesday and i have more time to tackle my slightly ridiculous to-do list should make me happy, but i'm wishing for thursday this week.

in my first real act of home ownership, my oil tank is being replaced on thursday.

apparently oil tanks have an expiry day, and mine is next year ... so, i included some improvements in my mortgage and the first thing to be done is replacing the tank.

(that is seriously the most boring/adult sentence ever ... apologies to you and to the me who never thought she'd have this much knowledge of oil tanks.)

since i moved in last thursday, i've been rationing the very small amount of oil the former owner left me. which means sweaters, socks and space heaters on some particularly damp and cold june days. and, since my hot water is heated by said oil, it means showering at my apartment.

yup. i get up, get dressed, get in my car, drive for 2 minutes, let myself into my empty (but dirty ... i'm totally procrastinating the big clean that has to happen ... ugh) apartment, shower, get dressed, drive home and start my day.

it's just a bit inconvenient. and this morning, because 4 days of that nonsense is just too much, i played some hot water roulette and took the world's fastest shower here instead. i won ... this time. tomorrow, i will make the trek up the hill ... it's like the modern-day equivalent of having to go to the well for water.

and, yes, i know this is a very first-world problem ... but when one pays a mortgage, one assumes one will be able to bathe in one's home.

so, thursday ... thursday at 1pm, wonderful humans will come to my house with a new oil tank and, more importantly, oil ... and friday morning, i am going to take the longest shower ever.

except, wait ... i have to pay for that oil. and water.



i bought a house.

holy shit. i actually bought a house.

i moved into my new home on thursday, and spent the first few days buried in boxes and anxiety.

now, the boxes i haven't unpacked are hidden away in my spare bedroom (in my house) ... and the anxiety is easing.

i'm 41 years old and i've only spent a few nights alone in a building. i've lived with my parents, in a dorm or a shared house, or in an apartment building ... strange new sounds and not having neighbours a wall's width away is taking some getting used to.

i also moved my business into a home office. and after more than 2 years of running things from a "proper" office (i.e. one that was not feet away from a couch and a fridge), working from home is also taking some getting used to.

so, i'm taking the influx of change as an opportunity to make some resolutions, both personal and business-related.

a big one was to write. i want to take advantage of the burst of creativity i usually get at the end of the work day and apply it to the page (or screen, as it may be). and so, that means i should be here a lot more. daily is the plan, a few times a week will probably be the reality.

the subject matter will probably be as random as i am ... more of a stream of consciousness than any sort of topic ... but we shall see what happens.

other resolutions ... to take walks (this will start next week ... mainly because my mornings are a bit of a mess until then), to not eat at my desk and to actually take a lunch break, to stop drinking (my beloved) caffeine after 2pm.

today, i only took a 15 minute lunch ... but i actually made a lunch (okay, i ate a lunchmates, BUT i put it on a plate) and ate it not in my office. and i drank a caffeine-free herbal tea this afternoon. and i'm writing, so there's that.

and i'm sure more new home resolutions will pop up as i get used to things.

in my house.

holy shit.