august 32nd.

i had big plans for the first day of september.

september always feels more like the start of a new year to me than january does. i bought a pretty new planner (this one). it's my birthday month. fall, my favourite season, arrives. sweaters start making sense again, but it's still warm enough to go sockless.

but this morning i woke up with the crud.

some sort of head cold/allergy attack/leaking-from-all-my-face-holes nastiness greeted me with my alarm at 8am. (yes, 8am ... self-employment means i get to sleep until 8am.) that, plus a lingering feeling of ennui i've been fighting for a few days, floored ... or, rather, couched ... me.


so, i won't talk about my september resolutions in this post ... because, honestly, today, getting a shower was a major accomplishment. i'll just consider today as august 32nd, and try again tomorrow.

but, i did write this post. so, obviously, reawakening this cobweb-covered corner of the internet is among my plans.

stay tuned ...